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[rox] Many, many thanks

Dear all,

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you.

Besides one major problem everything important went very well. Special
thanks to FranzN who helped much to resolve this major problem so
visitors even did not note that there was a problem at all.

In particular the helpers for the contributions did a very good job
and also the conference bureau worked well. Special thanks to Holger
who managed this so well before and to all the people who were so
willing to help and who took their responsibilities. People from the
conference bureau reported it has been even fun to be there :-) .

Special thanks go also to Nicolas, Günther, and Herbert who were
really the good souls of the conference :-) . Special thanks also to
Denise who not only supplied delicious food but also spontaneously
offered their rooms for a very nice evening on Saturday. Many thanks
also to all other people from Vienna and Austria who were so helpful.

Many thanks to all those we invited for their contribution. Of course
without you there had been no conference at all. You gave us all a lot
to think about and probably you take a lot of such things with you and
I'm sure we all will integrate these things in our further work be it
in Project Oekonux or in other places. So the most important goal of
the conference has been reached :-) .

After the second conference personally I was not so glad. This time
I'm in a much better mood. I learnt that it is still possible things
simply work, I'm looking forward to do it again, and I'm confident it
will be as good an experience as this time :-) .

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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