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[rox] provisional copies of papers

I'm forwarding this from the [pox] list, as I know not all
speakers are on that. Yes, George, this means you ;-)

If anyone wants to add a link to a temporary copy of their paper before
sending the final version to Stefan, but doesn't have a server to put it 
on, mail it to me and I can put it on my home server for now.


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Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 18:23:04 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
From: Aputsiaq Niels Janussen <admin>
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Subject: [pox] 

Dear participants of the 3rd Oekonux conference.

Graham Seaman and I made a Wiki-page for in order to allow the read the papers in their preliminary form.

OBS! This is an extra option made available today. Still, you should remember to send in papers before the 6th of June following the  instrucitions given by Stefan Merten earlier on.

Best regards,
Aputsiaq Niels Janussen

Email: admin
Mobile phone: ([PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]) 23 98 60



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