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[rox] Many, many thanks

hello all!

i just got bak home, and am now struggling to resume back to my normal life rhythmes after having spent such a wonderful time with all you great people in beautiful vienna. 

the meeting was very well organised from where i stood, and if any problems surfaced, i suppose this is inevitale given that most people attending were so much absorbed in intense discussion and ponderings that not many people offered to help the organisers, as i reckon stefan merten said during the closing speech. 

Yet, the most important problem the way i see it is translation of the talks by experts so that the meaning is kept consistent. What i would very much like to see during the next oekonux is translation. 

that said, i had a great time and the ideas explored in vienna will surely take some time to settle in my mind. Synergies and relationships were forged, as for instance between marcin jakubowski's "open source school" and gnubook (with me interfacing between gnubook and marcin), or between johan soderberg's book project and a journal i'm helping put together in greece, and most people got to know each other in more profound ways. And this gives me so much hope in believing we'll soon take this open source concept to the next level of societal organisation. 

many many thanks to all of you people for making this happen, and for inspiring me once more with your projects, visions, ideals, and ethics. what we had in vienna was an imaginary army of digital freedom fighters seeking ways to defy the echo chamber that characterises so many communities of the old world. When i see people as different as myself, marcin, raoul, ...., coming together to materialise a world divorced from economic paranoia and social schizophrenia, then all i can do is awe at what could be accomplished through such a collective process of cross-fertilisation among different lifestyles, and viewpoints. again, thanks for everything.

have a great day 


PS. my paper is availableonline at
(as also indicated in the program-related pages). I'll probably have a more refined version of the paper ready by the 6th of june in order to comply with the deadline of submissions. I 've now gotten down to work incorporating all of your constructive comments and viewpoints. thanks for the feedback; hope the finished version will provide me with even more of it. 

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