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RE: [rox] suggestion for panels - closer view

Hall Thomas,
sie mir nicht böse, daß ich in Deutsch antworte,aber mein Englisch ist
sehr sehr schlecht.
Ich hoffe, Du wirst in Deutsch referieren,sonst wird es schwierig für mich 
auf Dein Referat einzugehen. 
Wenn ich Dich richtig verstanden habe, bist Du der Meinung, die Referatsthemen 
liegen zu weit auseinder. Aber immerhin geht es in beiden Referaten um 
Ökonomie. Vielleicht verbindet uns doch einiges? Falls Du Interesse hast,
könnten wir vielleicht schon vorher miteinander reden. Ich wäre daran sehr

Wolfgang Polatzek           

Thomas Atzert schrieb:
Dear friends,

first of all thanks for the proposal of panels - which I saw only now, due
to travelling - and the comments that arrived so far.
I just would like to take the opportunity to reply to a single point.
Stefan Merten wrote:
PanelLabor (de)
	Wolfgang Polatzek	TransformEconomy
	Thomas Atzert		ImmaterialLabor

 While Thomas' presentation is inspired by Empire and its view on
 labor Wolfgang will present thoughts on alternative economy already
 existing and how this can be transformed to another economy when
 taking the lessons from Free Software into account. Both
 presentations are thus concerned with labor and so make up for a
 good panel.
and Franz Nahrada added:
Could be an interesting combination to bring together content (immaterial
labour) and form of organisation (cooperative economies). I wonder if
Benni did not also want to be on a common panel with Thomas?
Benni and me will meet on this week's Thursday to discuss exactly on the
latter. The idea of our meeting is to outline a proposal of rethinking the
debate on immaterial labour to get it away from the rather futile opposition

Yours, Thomas



[English translation]
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