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Re: [rox] suggestion for panels - closer view

Thomas Atzert wrote:

>Benni and me will meet on this week's Thursday to discuss exactly on the
>latter. The idea of our meeting is to outline a proposal of rethinking the
>debate on immaterial labour to get it away from the rather futile


It would be another badly needed leverage for our time-constraints, if the
three of you could decide to do one "big slot" together. In my view, three
hours for three people is OK if they can inspire and complement and help
to explain each other and a common subject.

I wonder what will be the solution that you will present when you reject
the "futile opposition", but maybe you have time to shortly look at the
notion of "participatory resources". I found this generalisation very
useful. Participatory resources are of a kind that are not used up by
individual consumption. They span from the immaterial far into the
material world. Just an idea.

In fact I hope you still can manage alltogether to take up Bennis crucial
question "where do our breads come from"

Franz N


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