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[rox] Re: [pox] attending / planning


Good questions for the speakers mailing list. I included this in my

Yesterday mp wrote:
i might have missed something or perhaps it is just about to be
articulated? In any case, I am still a bit unclear about two things:

1: how long time and within which format am i (and others) supposed to

Please see

  How long does a presentation last?

    By default we will have two hour slots. Prepared presentations
    should last not longer than one hour. At least three quarters of
    an hour should be left for discussion. A quarter hour is used to
    allow changing rooms.

2: is there any financial support for invited speakers, and if so, how

Please see


  Organizational questions

  What about costs for travel and what about accommodation?

    We will refund costs for travelling to and from the conference.
    Please use cheap travelling opportunities. If it is possible for
    you to cover your own travelling costs completely or partially, we
    would be grateful. If you travel by car we only pay the costs for
    an equivalent train ticket.

    If you want to fly, please contact us. Invited speakers receive a
    estimate of the costs for the flight, which they can book
    themselves then.

    We will try to get private accommodation for all speakers.

    We can supply this only for one person per contribution.

  Will there be an honorarium?

    No. We will only pay for travelling costs and we will provide free
    private accomodation.

If this does not answer your question please ask more specifically.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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