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[rox] Suggestion for panels


As I mentioned some days ago the organizing team thought about some
panels. In the schedule we have planned for six panels (Saturday
10:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00) which usually should be populated by two
speakers so both have enough time to say what they have to say and
then have a combined discussion.

Of course feel free to organize workshops with a closer collaboration
of the organizing contributors. At best do it by this list but at
least tell us the results here.

Also if you think you have an idea for another panel please tell it.
The suggestion below combines only people with the same language. I
think a panel should not combine English and German because often
attenders choose on the language and a combination is thus bad for

To see what the people and their topics are please check

Also if you did not do so until now *please* correct your own entries
with the password you received from StefanMz.

Ok, now for the panels. The shortcuts behind the names are our ideas
and are only there to give you a quick idea of what the presentation
is about. The general idea is to group contributors who have a common

PanelFreeHardware (en)
	Edward Cherlin		Simputer
	Christof Beaupoil	FreeHardware

  While Edward will tell us about an already existing and big Free
  Hardware project Christof will give us also some overview and a more
  theoretical perspective on Free Hardware. People interested in Free
  Hardware will probably be interested in such a panel.

PanelOHA (de)
	Stefan Merten		OHAProject
	Christoph Spehr		OHANetworks

  Stefan and Christoph both will talk about
  OrganisationHerrschaftAnarchismus (OHA) - a term coined in the
  Oekonux project while discussing power structures as well as
  organization in Free Software and other Free Projects. For those
  interested in this probably the longest debate in Oekonux will be
  interested to listen and contribute to this panel or may be

PanelIndymedia (en)
	Marion Hamm		Indymedia
	J. Martin Pedersen	FSwIndymedia

  Indymedia is the common topic of Marion and J. Martin. Their
  approach is also similar in comparing it to Free Software. A panel
  made up of those two.

PanelHackers (en)
	Yuwei Lin		EMACS
	Aputsiaq Janussen	HackerEthic

  While Yuwei looks at the development of EMACS (a big and old Free
  Software project) which is a good example for a result of hacker
  culture Aputsiaq based on the work of Pekka Himanen will give us
  some insights on some possible hacker ethic. Sounds interesting to
  combine these two.

PanelSelfOrganization (en)
	Michael Zaiser		SelfOrg
	Sheen S. Levine		Emergence

  While Michael will present us some thoughts on some thoughts about
  self-organization rooted in the natural sciences Sheen will tell us
  about emergence phenomenons found in Free Projects. Both topics seem
  similar so a panel is interesting.

PanelProduction (de)
	Hans-Gert Graebe	ProcessPrep
	Stefan Matteikat	ThingInternet

  Hans-Gert as well as Stefan think about changes in the contemporary
  way things are produced. Together they build an interesting panel.

PanelLabor (de)
	Wolfgang Polatzek	TransformEconomy
	Thomas Atzert		ImmaterialLabor

  While Thomas' presentation is inspired by Empire and its view on
  labor Wolfgang will present thoughts on alternative economy already
  existing and how this can be transformed to another economy when
  taking the lessons from Free Software into account. Both
  presentations are thus concerned with labor and so make up for a
  good panel.

As you may have noted these are seven suggestions - i.e. one more than
we need.

To get things moving we assume your acceptance unless we hear concerns
until - hmm - Thursday. Changes may be done later also but please note
that we want to set up a schedule now.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



[English translation]
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