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Re: [rox] Suggestion for panels

Hi all,

excuse me for my late answer, but I have some trouble now due to my removal.

Second, it is a great proposal to organize talks and discussions in 
panels, and especially the proposal
PanelProduction (de)
Hans-Gert Graebe ProcessPrep
Stefan Matteikat ThingInternet

Hans-Gert as well as Stefan think about changes in the contemporary
way things are produced. Together they build an interesting panel.
sounds quite nice and I enjoy it.
I agree with Hans-Gert.

Here I am just affraid a little "salt" might be missing. We might be
very much impressed with technological possibilities. But the
question is are they suitable for anything else than commodity
production? OK, this can be the subject of the Workshop.

So you know more than me (at the moment) about my talk :-) My point will 
be the role of the "Commons", the infrastructure, for (not only, but 
also for) "commodity production" and the abstract of Stefan Matteikat 
sounds very interesting in that direction. A gave a course "Component 
Ware and Web Services" last term here in Leipzig and learned that one of 
Stefan's question marks has an answer in just a proper interpretation of 
the latter buzz word.
I think this will be really interesting.
If I have to speak about technolgy, I will do it only as much as necessary for understanding
my thoughts. One of my goals is to show how this technolgy should be used. Otherwise, the
technology itself contains a lot of "salt".
Hans-gert Graebe wrote:
It makes sense to fix the slot of the Panel with 
the constraint not to be in parallel with the
PanelLabor (de)
Wolfgang Polatzek TransformEconomy
Thomas Atzert ImmaterialLabor
since "cooperate economics" is definitely a topic close to my 
argmentation and I would like to listen to these arguments. On the other 
hand I think it makes sense to have indeed two such panels and not to 
unite them.
here I agree with Hans-Gert, too. 
Especially if it seems to be changed to

PanelImMaterial (de)
Thomas Atzert ImmaterialLabor
Benni Bärmann Brötchen,
because the "Bread-Question" is one of the key-topics for me.

Best regards

Stefan Matteikat

(still Munich, preparing to move to Schwerin)

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