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Re: [rox] Picsie and Andrius chat about WOW and HWW

Hi Andrius!

Yesterday Andrius Kulikauskas wrote:
Picsie and I interview each other about our networks, PICSIE and Minciu

I'm not 100% sure whether you received the welcome message for this
list from the list server. In case you didn't I'll repeat the English
part here:

  The mailing list

    referenten at

  provides a common discussion forum for all who want to make some kind
  of presentation on the 3. Oekonux conference

  To prevent overlaps in the content of different contributions similar
  contributions may be coordinated here. Please send a short outline of
  your planned contribution to this list.

  Moreover this mailing list is the central facility for the Oekonux
  project team to contact all contributors about organizational aspects.

  Because we have a number of people here, who do not understand German,
  English is the preferred language.

  The Oekonux project team automatically subscribes all people who want
  to present something on the conference. Others may subscribe, too, all
! postings should relate to the conference or the planned contributions,
! however. For more common discussions the list

    list-en at

  should be used. Organizational discussions and questions belong to

    projekt at

  and the helpers may be contacted under

    helfer at

  By default replies go back to the list. Access to the member list is
  reserved for the members themselves. The list is archived in the Web under
  Older postings can be read there.

Above I marked the important lines by exclamation marks. I'm not 100%
sure whether I understood the intention of your mail but please
remember that general chat is not the purpose of this list. Moreover
in general cross-posting to several mailing lists is a bad idea
because this evokes replies completely out of context. This applies in
particular on this list. Please note that people here have been
subscribed forcefully which is a bit embarassing already so we should
take even more care than usual to keep the list on topic.




[English translation]
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