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[rox] Picsie and Andrius chat about WOW and HWW

Picsie and I interview each other about our networks, PICSIE and Minciu Sodas. We're interested how such networks can work together.

I chat about Working Openly Web
and Picsie chats about "Halls Without Walls", a way of physically meeting to bring together our visions and have an artist help make that visual. We look forward to meeting during this coming year! Perhaps as early as the Oekonux conference in May in Vienna, Austria.

Also, I will add briefly that our lab's proposal for (on Multilingual Instigators) was not accepted. Nor was my proposal for Free Bitflows.


Picsie:     Where shall we begin?

Andrius:  What would you like to chat about?

Picsie:     Ok... :: Am interested in how we work in parallel...

Andrius:  Yes

Picsie: There is MindEcos / PICSIE / Elvenstone / Minciu Sodas / On-Demand :: How can we all create what we do as individual networks... :: and still come together at times... :: to add value to each other. :: And I'm sure there are hundreds other more networks out there asking the same thing.

Andrius: Yes, that's very much what I think about. :: Why we didn't chat about that in the broad sense :: and in particular how the two of us might work together.

Picsie: OK. :: For me... :: It's establishing what the PICSIE network does... :: What our branding is so to speak... :: so that people are clear on where the value is. :: Same too for Minciu Sodas. :: And make this clear to everyone. :: To provide everyone with an entry point... :: that they can 'visualise'... :: how it all hangs together. :: So that they can see the rapid formation... :: of the Global Brain :: over.

Andrius: I think each of our groups and networks :: has its own purpose. :: For example, Minciu Sodas serves and organizes independent thinkers :: and we foster our shared value of "caring about thinking" :: so that places us on a conceptual map.

Picsie:     Yes.  I actually wrote this down last night.

Andrius: We get things done :: as an open laboratory with a culture of investigation :: and as a networking club that leverages our working openly :: while looking for private opportunity :: for individuals and teams.

Picsie:     So in Bala's guys are makers.

Andrius: For us to work that way effectively :: we need to leverage our network :: very productively. :: That means that we have to go beyond our own network :: and reach out to other networks. :: For this reason we become immediately interested :: in the question that you raised

Picsie:     You need other minds to resource the problems.

Andrius:  and you know that I've worked hard on that.

Picsie:     Yes.

Andrius: Independent thinkers have three needs: :: A) their projects get bigger than can fit in one mind :: B) they want to turn their dreams into reality so they need a social framework :: they need to be interested in what other people are up to :: C) they need to make a living in one way or another.

Picsie:     With you there.

Andrius: The making a living part :: requires a broader reach that goes beyond :: just independent thinkers. :: So we need to hook up with other networks :: that have their own purposes :: but can probably meet us halfway :: because "caring about thinking" is pretty core. :: What I've been focusing on is the :: Open People network :: because that defines the expectations :: that we need in order to work openly :: especially generation of content into :: online locations so that its in the Public Domain. :: This defines the minimum that we need :: in order to work openly together :: which is to say :: get those networks to be able to work together :: without any extra resources needed. :: Next, I've started to map this out :: with the Working Openly Web that I showed you. :: :: So for example we can map out the interests :: of individuals and groups. :: We can show which groups are directly :: "working openly" :: and which are supportive and why. :: We can point to the venues that are best designed :: for working openly. :: We can list our skills. :: Each week I'll be trying to upload new data :: and improve the functionality. :: For example, this week I hope to :: include within each "page" :: a page from the web that relates. :: For example, it could be a Wiki page :: from one of the relevant Wikis. :: In particular, I'm focusing on providing the information :: for getting work for individual software developers :: and teams of them :: especially temporary part-time work. :: Over.

Picsie: Thank you for this Andrius. :: As you were speaking two things came to me. :: 1) Each network needs to clarify its vision and its approach to realising this vision :: 2) We need a summit at which you, me, Bala and the 'sourcers' of the other network... :: can meet face-to-face and create our shared vision. :: How does this feel?

Andrius: Yes, both our good. :: I'd very much appreciate your help in collecting information :: from various networks :: that I could integrate into the WOW Working Openly Web. :: And also, regarding meeting, :: I'll include an event calendar :: so that we can know where each of us will be :: and can take advantage of opportunities

Picsie:     Yes, that's important.

Andrius:  especially because some like me have no budget.

Picsie: Bala and I intend to resource funds to travel Europe this summer.

Andrius:  But I'll be speaking at Oekunux in May in Vienna

Picsie:     May is an important month.

Andrius:  and we'll have a workshop there. :: And many others will be there

Picsie:     Or rather...I am choosing it to be :)

Andrius:  interested in this kind of laternative economics.

Picsie:     What date in May?

Andrius:  I hope we might meet there. :: I think May 20-23 :: Yes

Picsie: I have now put that in my diary and have set my intention to be there. :: I also intend to be in Munich on 6th May and Holland on 19th June.


Picsie:     We've got a European tour going on here!

Andrius: What's in Munich on May 6 ? :: I'm also figuring out my travel plans.

Picsie: I am meeting with Dory and her group of expats in Bavaria. :: Great woman...will send you a link...hang on... ::

Andrius:  Thank you. :: Picsie, Tell me about your network!

Picsie: Love to! :: I have only just arrived on the scene in many ways... :: January this year. :: And it all started with Bala. :: And this led to a huge shift in my consciousness... :: that allowed me to step into my personal vision... :: which is to support the building of social networks... :: throughout the world... :: and gather around me energisers... :: who can help sustain them. :: At present my key role is resourcing... :: minds, finance, opportunities, ideas and so on. :: To this end... :: We are organising PICSIE events... :: They're actually celebrations or parties though:) :: And in creating these... :: we are creating waves... :: and income... :: to support the development of the network... :: as well as raising funds... :: to support my travel throughout Europe this summer. :: I am currently energising some of the most wonderful minds in Scotland... :: to come together and work as one collective unit... :: solving problems... :: reaching out to schools and young people... :: creating what I call Transformance Workshops... :: uniting children with women and business... :: That's the future... :: remove the boundaries and the linear projections... :: from school - university - business.

Andrius:  Excellent!

Picsie: They are all the same. :: We are just people... :: with individual dreams and talents... :: looking to live together in supportive, loving communities... :: that allow us to grow and develop and realise our natural potential. :: And that felt amazing to write that! Tears in my eyes. :: That was source.

Andrius:  Do you have a website?

Picsie: :: but it's 'down' just now.

Andrius:  Are you on Ryze?


Andrius:  Thank you!

Picsie: This is how I see it... :: Each network energises its own... :: We source our thinkers... :: our resources... :: our designers and leaders... :: And we connect them... :: and then put on the Halls Without Walls events... :: to raise finance... :: to create the collaborative... :: inspiring... :: awe-making... :: history making... :: actions.. :: that allow us to create the on-line spaces... :: for us to gather together... :: and play, learn, create... :: and solve the biggest challenges we face as a species... :: poverty... :: suffering... :: Aids... :: Cancer :: And so on.

Andrius:  I like the Halls without Walls events.

Picsie:     Yes, I love them.

Andrius:  I think it would be great to give that title

Picsie:     We are creating the visuals to inspire.

Andrius: to events that our colleagues are organizing :: that meet our standards for our vision :: in terms of opportunities for interaction.

Picsie:     Have you seen the current visual?

Andrius:  No.

Picsie:     I'll send it to you. :: Created by Eileen Clegg...

Andrius:  For example, the Oekunux meeting could  :: include such an event.

Picsie:     a visual journalist. :: Absolutely.

Andrius: And Shannon Clark and Jack Vinson :: are organizing Mesh Forum in Chicago in October

Picsie: And they can act as micro-events leading up to the creation of the larger events.

Andrius:  for organizing thoughtful research in social networking.

Picsie:     Start small...

Andrius:  Yes.

Picsie:     Start small then get bigger. :: It's natural law.

Andrius: I like to do stuff that I think is awesome :: as opposed to what other people think. :: So that means they'll be smaller

Picsie:     How about this...

Andrius:  but also easier to dol.

Picsie:     We are putting on small events...

Andrius:  That's just my style.

Picsie: called Realising Personal Vision... :: at which we are gathering visionaries... :: people with imagination... :: children...mothers...young people... :: to create a visual representation... :: of our individual visions... :: and see how these complement one another... :: We are going to have an artist... :: create them on large canvases... :: and these canvases... :: can be re-created... :: at all the HWW events... :: and we keep adding ... :: and adding... :: to them... :: people all round the world... :: can put up their vision... :: then we can see how we complement one antoher. :: Our first event... :: is in two weeks... :: and we will record all the conversations... :: and dialogues... :: and dreams... :: in all media... :: sound, vision etc... :: then create CDRoms... :: to share... :: and spread to other key visionaries... :: who can then take the structure... :: and replicate it throughout the world... :: feeding the information and knowledge... :: into an HWW repository... :: on-line and off-line... :: that can energise and inspire! :: over

Andrius: That sounds nice. I like that you're making good use of art. :: Question: Who will own the art? :: And all that material?

Picsie:     No-one and everyone.

Andrius: I strongly recommend :: making it explicit :: that the material will be Public Domain :: because that means

Picsie:     I agree full-heartedly.

Andrius: that everybody will be able to use it :: without asking for permission. :: Currently the law says that by default :: it is protected by Copyright. :: So it might be good to even have

Picsie:     Yes, protectionism is a burden.

Andrius: a form where it's a requirement :: to sign that :: the material will be given away :: to the Public Domain. :: This means that people are :: consciously contributing :: It also self-selects people :: who are generous :: and those are the people :: to invest in first.

Picsie:     Exactly.  It acts as a sieve.

Andrius: Yes :: without ruling anybody out. :: It's very important to make that explicit :: so that all the participants are aware :: and think about the implications. :: And then we can truly :: use and reuse that :: and work as a global team

Picsie:     Thank you for this Andrius.  You're absolutely right.

Andrius:  or global brain as you say.

Picsie:     OK...I have to go. :: I have a call to make.

Andrius:  I'll share this.

Picsie:     Please do.

Andrius:  We're in touch.

Picsie:     Peace.

Andrius:  Peace.


[English translation]
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