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[rox] Welcome to the 3rd Oekonux Conference - Wave 2/3

[The first few paragraphs are copied from the first welcome wave. The
remainder after the link is new.]

[English below]

Hi Deutsch Verstehende!

Zuerst eine Bemerkung zur Sprache, die ich auf dieser Liste verwenden
möchte. Ich gehe momentan davon aus, dass alle, die einen Vorschlag
für die Oekonux-Konferenz gemacht haben, Englisch lesen können.
Hingegen dürften viele kein Deutsch verstehen.

Ich würde daher gerne zwecks Vereinfachung ausschließlich in Englisch
schreiben und darauf verzichten, alles nochmal in Deutsch zu
wiederholen. Wie ihr das halten wollt, ist davon unabhängig - d.h.
deutschsprachige Mails auf dieser Liste sind kein Problem.

Wenn das nicht ok ist, dann bitte eine kurze Mail an diese
Mailing-Liste oder mich persönlich.

[English starts here]

Hi all!

Above is only a short note about my usage of language (English /
German) on this mailing list. If nobody has a problem with it I'll
stay in English only. German mails are nonetheless welcome, too.

In case you don't know already I'm the maintainer of the Oekonux
project. Me, some other people from the Oekonux project and in
co-operation with the Bureau for Philosophy in Vienna we are preparing
the 3rd Oekonux Conference you proposed a contribution for.

Today it is my pleasure to welcome you officially as contributors for
the 3rd Oekonux Conference. The decision making process we had about
the more than 50 proposals we received resulted in the acceptance of
your proposal.

You are part of the second wave of proposals of we accepted in our
decision making process. I wrote a longer mail with a lot of
organizational details to this list when the first wave of proposals
has been accepted. Please refer to

We nearly completed with the decision making now. There are only two
proposals we need to clarify a few things and then decide.

The next step for us - well, at least for the organizers but also for
you - is to create six panels and/or workshops. In our planning we
included five panels/workshops covering two proposals and one
panel/workshop covering three proposals. Every panel/workshop will
receive a BigSlot with 3 hours.

For the Oekonux Conference a panel is a event where (in general) two
people can present their things. We won't pack more people in a panel
so you have enough time for your presentation. We don't like 10-15
minute talks for the Oekonux Conference. The reason for a panel would
then be to put people together which have common topics so the common
discussion is fruitful.

Workshops are a bit different. A workshop includes cooperation of the
contributors in advance. Also though some preparation is expected by
the workshop organizers the focus is more on the discussion with and
by the other participators than in a panel or single talk.

We have a number of ideas already but it would be appreciated if you
participate in this. We will suggest something soon.

It would be great if you could enter information about you and your
proposal in the database so we have a single point of access. I'm sure
Stefan Meretz will supply those subscribed to this list with a login

						Mit Freien Grüßen



[English translation]
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