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Re: [rox] Suggestion for panels

Hi, friends!

Until these days I had no time to follow up the preparation of the conference but it seems, it's now just the right moment to join the discussion.

First, I will be in Vienna all the time during the conference, and I can take some organisational load at this time, of ocurse (I remember such a question, but probably on another [*ox] list).

Second, it is a great proposal to organize talks and discussions in panels, and especially the proposal
PanelProduction (de)
	Hans-Gert Graebe	ProcessPrep
	Stefan Matteikat	ThingInternet

  Hans-Gert as well as Stefan think about changes in the contemporary
  way things are produced. Together they build an interesting panel.
sounds quite nice and I enjoy it.

Yesterday FranzN added
Interesting aspect. I think Hans Gert is talking about the general
nature of production processes while Stefan is referring to the
enormous progresses in logistics.

Here I am just affraid a little "salt" might be missing. We might be
very much impressed with technological possibilities. But the
question is are they suitable for anything else than commodity
production? OK, this can be the subject of the Workshop.

So you know more than me (at the moment) about my talk :-) My point will be the role of the "Commons", the infrastructure, for (not only, but also for) "commodity production" and the abstract of Stefan Matteikat sounds very interesting in that direction. A gave a course "Component Ware and Web Services" last term here in Leipzig and learned that one of Stefan's question marks has an answer in just a proper interpretation of the latter buzz word.

So much for the moment. It makes sense to fix the slot of the Panel with the constraint not to be in parallel with the
>PanelLabor (de)
>	Wolfgang Polatzek	TransformEconomy
>	Thomas Atzert		ImmaterialLabor
since "cooperate economics" is definitely a topic close to my argmentation and I would like to listen to these arguments. On the other hand I think it makes sense to have indeed two such panels and not to unite them.

Best regards and WFG, Hans-Gert


  Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Graebe, Inst. Informatik, Univ. Leipzig
  Augustusplatz, D-04109 Leipzig, Raum 5-53	
  email: graebe
  Home Page:


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