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Re: [rox] Suggestion for panels

Dear friends :-) !

First of all: Thanks for your involvment :-) .

I'll try to summarize a bit what I understood so far. Please correct
me where I'm wrong. Also some updates.

4 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
As I mentioned some days ago the organizing team thought about some
panels. In the schedule we have planned for six panels (Saturday
10:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00) which usually should be populated by two
speakers so both have enough time to say what they have to say and
then have a combined discussion.

Actually we planned for one panel with three contributors but this
will be probably solved in another way - unless you decide otherwise
of course.

Actually right now we are thinking about doing 7-9 panels. We are not
completely decided about how and where to fit this in the schedule
thus no definite answer yet.

Of course feel free to organize workshops with a closer collaboration
of the organizing contributors. At best do it by this list but at
least tell us the results here.

I understood that Thomas and Benni are doing this :-) .

PanelFreeHardware (en)
	Edward Cherlin		Simputer
	Christof Beaupoil	FreeHardware

Seems accepted.

PanelOHA (de)
	Stefan Merten		OHAProject
	Christoph Spehr		OHANetworks

May be we I and Christoph make this a workshop, too.

PanelIndymedia (en)
	Marion Hamm		Indymedia
	J. Martin Pedersen	FSwIndymedia

Seems accepted.

PanelHackers (en)
	Yuwei Lin		EMACS
	Aputsiaq Janussen	HackerEthic

Seems accepted.

PanelSelfOrganization (en)
	Michael Zaiser		SelfOrg
	Sheen S. Levine		Emergence

Seems accepted.

PanelProduction (de)
	Hans-Gert Graebe	ProcessPrep
	Stefan Matteikat	ThingInternet

Hans-Gert happily accepted it.

XXX PanelLabor (de) XXX
	Wolfgang Polatzek	TransformEconomy
	Thomas Atzert		ImmaterialLabor

I consider this to have changed to

PanelImMaterial (de)
	Thomas Atzert		ImmaterialLabor
	Benni Bärmann		Brötchen

One additional panel has been suggested:

PanelFreeScience (en)
	Herbert Hrachovec	OpenArchive
	Gunter van Aken		WikiResearch

Which are eight panels making up for 16 contributions out of 35 total
which need to be scheduled. Hmm... [calculating]... This would
actually work :-) !!

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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