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Re: [rox] Renumeration and documentation

Hi all!

Yesterday Franz Nahrada wrote:
referenten on Dienstag, 20. Juli 2004 at 19:32 Uhr
+0100 wrote:

Unfortunately since my last reminder a month ago none of these people
reacted in any way. Please prevent that we feel making a mistake by
renumerating you without having your documentation first.

Its one of those cases where we obviously are trapped in alienated
mechanisms. Stefan you are promoting here the very,very thing that you
attack all the way down

Good perception ;-) .

Of course you are right.

and your subconscious wisdom has played a trick on
you by twisting the word "remuneration" ;-)

That was actually more the spell checker's wisdom which fooled me by
having both words available...

I would try to focus on the rewarding side of contributing to the oekonux
documentation ;-)

Ok, so I'll try to improve my point :-) .


we publish the statistics about the web sites of the project. Choose
one of the conference sites and you get to the statistics (please
ignore "" this is no official site any more
ans will vanish at some point).

You can see that the conference sites - the German more than the
international one - are constantly receiving hits in a number worth
mentioning. For instance lets take the rather average month December
2003. The statistics show 953 + 198 daily hits on the German +
international web site. If you get deeper into the statistics you'll
learn that a good part of these hits goes to documentation pages of
previous conferences. Also you can learn that only about 20% of these
hits are from robots - i.e. in this arbitrary month on average there
have been about 920 real people a day(!) looking at these pages.

You can see that documenting the conferences in this way is useful for
a lot of people out there. They can learn something from our collected
contributions and I think it is one of the best practices in Free
Software not to deprive people from this opportunity.

I promise to start to care about the documentation received so far
soon so they will be uploaded to the sites soon. Also as always I'm
going to send the texts by the Oekonux discussion lists where they may
receive some discussion.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


PS: Yes, I know that I am among those who did not deliver so far.
Yesterday evening I stood before the mirror and had a very serious
talk with me about my behavior ;-) . Seriously: I'm planning to write
a text about my contribution to the conference in English which will
take some more time than just pushing the German slides to the site.


[English translation]
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