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Re: [rox] Renumeration and documentation

referenten on Dienstag, 20. Juli 2004 at 19:32 Uhr

Unfortunately since my last reminder a month ago none of these people
reacted in any way. Please prevent that we feel making a mistake by
renumerating you without having your documentation first.

Its one of those cases where we obviously are trapped in alienated
mechanisms. Stefan you are promoting here the very,very thing that you
attack all the way down and your subconscious wisdom has played a trick on
you by twisting the word "remuneration" ;-)

but as a conference organizer since 1993 I see and very well understand
your anger and despair. I had the same all the way, it seems from one day
to the other the energy is gone and you cannot even get people to do the
simplest things you agreed on with them.

I would try to focus on the rewarding side of contributing to the oekonux
documentation ;-)

How can we make it more fun and reward for everybody to stay focused on
Oekonux? Maybe this is a question to everybody?



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