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Re: [rox] showing transparencies

Dear Christian and all!

Thanks for this important question.

Günther or someone else from Oenux: Can you confirm or correct the
information I give below?

Yesterday Christian Wagner wrote:
some questions on technical details for presentation during workshop:

1) will there be a projector for presenting transparencies?
2) if not, will there be a fixed computer with beamer in each room for

Some time ago I understood that we will have a beamer in each of the
main rooms. There has been doubt about one beamer lately but I still
think this will be the case.

Since the conference site is part of a university I think overhead
projectors are available everywhere.

The backround: my notebook collapsed,

Sounds like Windows ;-) .

so I will printout my presentation at
home and bring transparencies with me. Otherwise I would burn it on CD. I am
used to work with powerpoint presentations, what I think will be political
incorrect during a oekonux conference :-)

Right. But since Oekonux is not a fundamentalist project you won't get
burnt for using Windows ;-) .

So am I right that there will be
no technical support for using powerpoint?

We provide beamers and overhead projectors. We expect that you bring
your laptop with your presentation or your transparencies with you. In
case of laptops we simply plug the beamer into your laptop.

If you want us to prepare your presentation for you then please say
so on this list *immediately* and send me a copy of your presentation
by private mail. There is probably little problem with HTML-pages or
OpenOffice documents. I don't know whether we will have support for
Windows-based formats available but since OpenOffice can read next to
everything this could be the universal alternative.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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