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Re: [rox] Fluege - Wer bucht?

Hallo Marion, 

bei unserem letzten Wiener Meeting haben wir die Frage kurz diskutiert. Es
ist auf jeden Fall sinnvoller, mit Billig-Airlines nach Wien zu fliegen.
Die Preisniveaus sind unglaublich unterschiedlich und gerade London-Wien
dürfte voller attraktiver Angebote sein.

In my opinion, if you have a really good flight deal its the best to
shortly communicate it to Stefan Mn and Guenther ,get their OK and grab
such a flight, since these are the two people in charge of the budget. I
understood that there were some points of contention. I think the flights
are a very critical issue that can ruin or save the budget of the
conference and we all should try just to get it done quickly and at the
best prices available. The problem is that getting a good deal is a
science in itself and time-critical. The situation from London is
completely different from. lets say Heraklion in Greece. There are several
good deals from London.

 I wish we had a professional travel agent in our group, but we have not.
And even the travel agents dont know all any more. Air travels have become
issues of end-user marketing.



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