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[rox] Flights and Visa

Hi invitees!

I told you that Günther cares about the flight. He just told me that
he can not do this job anymore. Admittedly I'm a bit puzzled by this
when things are done half way :-( ...

Nonetheless the job needs to be done now because every day costs us
money. So I need to ask you to communicate with me about the flights.
I asked Günther to forward me his communication with you but at best
you contact me directly also. Please accept my apologize for all the

We had contacts with Austrian Airlines about sponsoring but as far as
I understood this does not work out. So please book your flights
yourself. Check that it is the cheapest offer available. Please note
that there are a number of cheap air lines which go to Vienna. Please


where a few days ago I put the translation of the German entries for
flights to. Hope this helps. If anyone has more good links then I'll
gladly enter them.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



[English translation]
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