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Re: [rox] Welcome to the 3rd Oekonux Conference

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De : "Stefan Merten" <smerten>
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Cc : "Stefan Merten" <smerten>; "Guenther Friesinger"
<guenther.friesinger>; "Franz Maria Tabei"
<franz-maria.tabei>; "Franz J. Nahrada" <f.nahrada>
Envoyé : jeudi 25 mars 2004 00:29
Objet : [rox] Welcome to the 3rd Oekonux Conference

Hi Stefan and al.

You wrote:

Apropos money. We definitely want to pay the travel expenses of
everyone who we choose to invite to the conference. Also we definitely
want to offer some decent accommodation (i.e. no mass accommodation
but may be private accommodation).

I prefer "mass accommodation" in order to meet more people.

If you have the option to get funding for your travel
from your institution - if there is one - you may check whether it is
possible. .

There is no institution, but I'll pay my travel personally.

Also if you are considering taking a flight to/from Vienna please
do not book yet. As far as I understood Günther is checking with
Austrian Airlines so perhaps we will book your flights for you.

OK. I'll wait.

There will be a contributor database which the organizers will use for
the web sites. All contributors shall put details there about
themselves - such as name, preferred email address, language abilities
- - as well as there contribution. Stefan Meretz (please note the small
difference between his and my last name!) will coordinate this and
provide you with a login.


Thanks for all.


[English translation]
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