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[rox] Welcome to the 3rd Oekonux Conference

[English below]

Hi Deutsch Verstehende!

Zuerst eine Bemerkung zur Sprache, die ich auf dieser Liste verwenden
möchte. Ich gehe momentan davon aus, dass alle, die einen Vorschlag
für die Oekonux-Konferenz gemacht haben, Englisch lesen können.
Hingegen dürften viele kein Deutsch verstehen.

Ich würde daher gerne zwecks Vereinfachung ausschließlich in Englisch
schreiben und darauf verzichten, alles nochmal in Deutsch zu
wiederholen. Wie ihr das halten wollt, ist davon unabhängig - d.h.
deutschsprachige Mails auf dieser Liste sind kein Problem.

Wenn das nicht ok ist, dann bitte eine kurze Mail an diese
Mailing-Liste oder mich persönlich.

[English starts here]

Hi all!

Above is only a short note about my usage of language (English /
German) on this mailing list. If nobody has a problem with it I'll
stay in English only. German mails are nonetheless welcome, too.

In case you don't know already I'm the maintainer of the Oekonux
project. Me, some other people from the Oekonux project and in
co-operation with the Bureau for Philosophy in Vienna we are preparing
the 3rd Oekonux Conference you proposed a contribution for.

Today it is my pleasure to welcome you officially as contributors for
the 3rd Oekonux Conference. The decision making process we had about
the more than 50 proposals we received resulted in the acceptance of
your proposal. We did not fully complete the decision making yet but
your proposal was among those which were considered "Must-have"s.

This is also the reason you have been subscribed to this mailing list.
This mailing list is a tool with two purposes:

* Have a common contact address where the organizers of the conference
  can reach all of you under a single address.

* Have a common place where the invited contributors can sort out
  whether for instance a panel or a workshop would make sense.

For further organizational information concerning you as a contributor
please refer to


(German). You may be also interested


(German) which contains general information for all visitors. If you
have any questions please first check these pages whether your
question is answered already. Of course if new questions come up these
pages will get enhanced.

In case you have questions or suggestions you do not want to send to
this mailing list for one reason or the other feel free to write to
Franz Nahrada (f DOT nahrada AT reflex DOT at) who is the one who
wrote the first reply to most of you. He will be the general care
taker which means that he points people to the right ressources and
here and their may solve very general problems. For special questions
there are special contact persons. Please check the FAQ mentioned
above where these people are listed (near the end). In particular
there will be Günther Friesinger (guenther DOT friesinger AT univie
DOT ac DOT at) from the Bureau for Philosophy which will be
responsible for sorting out the details of all financial questions.

Apropos money. We definitely want to pay the travel expenses of
everyone who we choose to invite to the conference. Also we definitely
want to offer some decent accommodation (i.e. no mass accommodation
but may be private accommodation). However, though we had some success
until now we did not complete the funding yet so at the moment
unfortunately we can not guarantee that we are able to do what we
want. Personally I have good hope that it'll work out but there are no
guarantees yet. If you have the option to get funding for your travel
from your institution - if there is one - you may check whether it is
possible. If so please tell at least Günther so we can calculate the
money needed. This also applies to accommodation: If you have friends
in Vienna please ask them whether you can stay with them. Please also
report such options to Günther. There is also Franz Maria Tabei
(franz-maria DOT tabei AT chello DOT at) who will care for the
concrete details of accommodation.

Let me emphasize that we work for that all of you can come to the
conference as far as funding and accommodation is concerned. If you
can help us with your possibilities it would be great but in no way
this is a pre-condition for your contribution. In any case if we get
enough funding we are ready to renumerate everything.

Also if you are considering taking a flight to/from Vienna please
do not book yet. As far as I understood Günther is checking with
Austrian Airlines so perhaps we will book your flights for you.

If you're planning a longer trip to Vienna - which I for one find
perfectly reasonable because Vienna is really an interesting city :-)
- please note that we feel responsible only for accommodation during
the conference. This also applies if you would like to bring other
persons with you: We can pay only for one person. Please contact
Günther for the details. We probably need to have hotel rooms anyway
and thus there could be simple solutions fitting all needs.

As far as the conference schedule is concerned we currently plan for
54 hours of contributions total running in three parallel tracks. The
default will be 2 hour slots which are filled with up to 3/4 hour
talk, 3/4 hour room for discussion and 1/2 hour for changing rooms and
as short breaks between all the contributions. Because we have really
a lot of interesting proposals we are currently thinking about putting
two contributions from the same area to a panel which will run for
three hours - basically resulting in a common discussion period. We
currently think about who might fit together nicely and could be put
to a common panel. However, this would only be a suggestion by the
organization team. It would be even better if you think about such
combinations yourself. This mailing list may be a room for this but of
course you may email the person you would like to share a panel with
by private mail.

There will be a contributor database which the organizers will use for
the web sites. All contributors shall put details there about
themselves - such as name, preferred email address, language abilities
- as well as there contribution. Stefan Meretz (please note the small
difference between his and my last name!) will coordinate this and
provide you with a login.

If you are interested in watching how the organization of the
conference works in Oekonux you may check the archive at

which is the general list for organizing and deciding Oekonux related
things. The pages

or it's OpenTheory counterpart at

may be interesting for a quick overview. The last one is our general
knowledge store for the conference organization.

One further note because this led to small problems in the past: As
every mailing list in the Oekonux realm this mailing list is archived
on the web so everything here is rather public. This one is archived

Also the `Reply-To:' header of this mailing list is set to this
mailing list so if you reply to a mail from this list by default your
reply will go back to the list. If you intend to reply to a single
person then please do not forget to change the receiver explicitly.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



[English translation]
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