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[rox] Schedule fixing (was: Re: [pox] kleine Programm-umstellung notwendig)

Hi all!

Current situation is (state: yesterday evening).

* Edward Cherlin can't come

  I asked him to rethink this but it is probably too late. I guess we
  asked to loudly for self funding :-( .

  This does not help with the schedule because he has been planned as
  part of a panel. Also Christof offered to read a paper from him
  which is good.

* Gundolf Freyermuth is at stake

  He wrote me a private mail where he said he has problems with coming
  to the conference.

  I strongly asked him to reconsider. He is in Germany and could fly
  to the conference and back at the same day so it might work out for
  him. I asked him to send a mail to [rox] and [pox] if he really does
  not come but there was none. So I still think he tries to come.

* S Bipin Agravat can't come

  This more or less failed because of the Schengen wall :-( .

  This opens up Saturday 17-19, Track B

Yesterday Franz Nahrada wrote:
But we cannot fill this slot directly with the workshop "Free Software
from an Economic Perspective" (in German).

Its several people and they need to part to another event. So they want to
speak friday at 12:00

I suggest the minimum possible change would be to kindly ask Stephan
Eissler to do his speech at 15:00 in the afternoon.

That would leaave the overall structure intact and we still have 2 German
and 1 English track parallel in each period.

Thanks for thinking about this.

Since S Bipin Agravat is now clear not to come I think it is easier to
move Raoul to his slot and move the sponsored slot you mentioned to
Raoul's slot. Raoul will be there all the time so I think he won't

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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and send out in the evening of the day it is written. It
does not take any information into account which may have
reached my mailbox since yesterday evening.


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