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[rox] Tickets for renumeration

Dear all!

Here comes some information about the details for renumeration of
travel tickets. Most of applies after the conference but now you know
which pieces of paper you'd better not throw away ;-) .

At the very minimum we need the tickets which need to have the price
printed on them. Everything which is accepted by airline / railway
should be good enough for us (i.e. self printed online tickets should
be ok). If you come by car then it would be good if you could give us
some receipts from filling stations.

At the conference we will give you some form for travel cost
renumeration. We will have an own form and there will be also some
forms from our sponsors. Since we have some sponsors with fixed
budgets after the conference we need to check how to distribute the
costs among them. Therefore we may ask you to fill out more than one
form so we are more flexible to get as close to the limits as
possible. Please note that the tickets are what is really "valuable"
and these exist only once - so we can not do anything nasty with
multiple forms.

The form will ask for everything we need including your bank account.
Please be sure to have your IBAN (International bank account number)
available. The form is also considered an invoice from you to us
(unless Günther says differently - I didn't check this detail with

Of course you'll need your ticket for the way back. You need to send
them after your return by post. You will be informed about the

						Mit Freien Grüßen



[English translation]
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