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[rox] Directions to Karolinenhof

referenten schreibt:

Can you tell me where i should go after i arrive in Vienna (VIE) at
on May 19? If you could give me some directions on how to get to where i 
need to be, that would be great. I assume i will be going to
Is anyone free to meet me at the airport?

See you soon,

Hi Marcin,

We are setting up a pre-conference office at the conference location on
wednesday the 19th from 2 PM till 8PM.

If you are not too tired you are invited to join us there. So far, it will
be a hectic moment, because this is installation time; our manpower is
rather limited at the moment, but things might develop.  We want to create
some useful infrastructure in this university institute. Some of that
infrastructure will be informational, to help everybody to get the most
out of the conference. 

As Stefan, I hope for self-organisation and co-operation of all that
attend. I forward this to local conference office coordinator Nicolas
Reitbauer and will write you some local mobile phone numbers later, maybe
there is somebody free to get you from the airport at that time or maybe I
can, but I do not foresee that yet, so I primarily give you directions for
the more likely  case now. "Oenux" is our local list so more Viennese
people read this and someone might read and respond.

From airport Vienna you can use the City Airport Train (CAT) (expensive
but fast) or the S7 (cheaper but slower) until stop Landstraße, There is
also a bus to Landstraße / CIty air terminal

possibility A
If you want to join us directly use U2 direction Schottentor (about 10
minutes). Walk up Univeritätsstraße to NIG (3 Minutes)

possibility B
If you are rather tired, then change to S2,S2 or S3 at Landstraße and go
to Floridsdorf. The local bus 33B stops frequently in front of the train
station and brings you directly to Hotel Karolinenhof.

Looking forward to meet you,



[English translation]
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