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Re: [rox] Special hotel rooms

Dear all!

Wow - I didn't expect so much desire for community :-) .

2 days ago Guenther Friesinger wrote:
As I told Stefan before I´ll travel with my family and would be more
than happy about this "bit more of luxury"

sorry, the rooms in this hotel are only for speakers.

Well, actually I don't know whether the rooms are double rooms. If so
I'd see no problem to give one of them to Christof and his family for
the conference time. May be we can arrange for some financial
compensation then. IIRC they wanted to stay a bit longer in Vienna
they simply can keep the rooms.

3 days ago mp wrote: mentioned before, i plan to arrive in Vienna on Mon/Tue 17/18 May
and was hoping to find a place to stay. I am coming together with my
girlfriend (who has also volunteered to help out with the "helpdesk"
info-point). We are very happy with a floorspace in someone's house (as
we have no cash), but would very much appreciate some privacy, if

If noone else can deal with luxury we might be able to... ;-)

Unfortunately this is a bit odd because we have the rooms only from
Thursday to Sunday and as you say you can't pay for the other days.
We'll see.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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