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[rox] Special hotel rooms

Dear friends,

one of our sponsors donated 4-6 hotel rooms in a 4-5 stars hotel -
i.e. a certain degree of luxury.

Now we need 4-6 of us who are ready to carry the burden of so much
luxury ;-) .

Besides that we have some rooms in a more simple hotel where probably
most of us will sleep.

As a service for normal attenders we organized a mass accomodation.
You may choose this option if you really want to but as far as I know
you need to be equipped with a sleeping bag and isolation mat. This
place is close to the conference place and this is the place where
mostly people with little money will sleep. Some of you chose this

There may also be some private accommodation available.

Well, the question today is: Who of us thinks s/he wants a bit more
luxury and a bit less community? Please reply to me and to Günther
Friesinger (guenther.friesinger at If you have special
reasons for your choice please mention them so we can try to make a
good choice in case many choose this option.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



[English translation]
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