Vortrag: Specialized knowledge production and (the limits of) its remuneration
Basic Income as an alternative?
Rubrik Wissenschaft
Veranstaltungsdaten: 20. Mai / 16:00 / 2 Std. / Track A / Raum 3B / deutsch
ReferentIn(nen): Manfred Füllsack
Abstract: The presentation will try to assess the potential of a Basic Income to solve or at least to alleviate a fundamental problem commonly met in the context of “specialized knowledge production”: the problem of its remuneration, or in other words, the problem that not every kind of specialized knowledge by itself is able to generate sufficient revenues to enable those who produce, process or distribute it to live on. Based not on “ethical” conceptions of the one or the other type, but on a general theory of differentiation the presentation will 1.) try to show that the detachment of the terms of knowledge production and the terms of its remuneration as it would be incited by a Basic Income is nothing essentially new in history. And 2.) it will give an overview about the current social, economical and political discussions, problems and prospects for the introduction of a Basic Income.