Vortrag: Marxism and free-software
Rubrik Oekonux
Veranstaltungsdaten: 21. Mai / 12:00 / 2 Std. / Track B / Raum 3D / englisch
ReferentIn(nen): Raoul Victor
Abstract: The presentation would deal with mainly three questions:
  1. To which extent is Marxism confirmed by the reality of free-software?
    • The revolt of productive forces against the relations of production
    • The non merchant nature of the post capitalist society
  2. To which extent is Marxism questioned by the reality of free-software?
    • The development of germs of new relations of production WITHIN capitalism
  3. Which relation between class struggle and free-software?
    • The vagueness of the revolutionary project as one of the main weaknesses of revolutionary class struggle
    • Free-software, a partial but practical model of the revolutionary project.