Name, Ort/Land: Andrius Kulikauskas, Vilnius, Lithuania
E-Mail: ms ms.lt  ('@' entfernt -- Spam-Vermeidung!)
Zur Person: Vita 
Links: www.ms.lt
Workshop : Social Infrastructure for Virtual Flash Mobs 
Veranstaltungsdaten: 20. Mai / 16:00 / 2 Std. / Track C / Raum 3F / englisch
Abstract: The purpose of my workshop would be to present our laboratory's theoretical ideas and practical experience in organizing "virtual flash mobs" and the economic value that we see in them. I want to describe the social infrastructure that we have found crucial or helpful in organizing ourselves. Most importantly, I wish to invite and involve others at the conference, and adapt and extend this infrastructure so that we might effectively support each other's efforts.