Name, Ort/Land: Marcin Jakubowski, Madison / Wisconsin, USA
E-Mail: marcin sourceopen.org  ('@' entfernt -- Spam-Vermeidung!)
Zur Person: Open Source Ecology, Inc. 
Links: http://sourceopen.org
Vortrag : Open Source Economics 
Normalization of Best Practice to Address Pressing World Issues
Veranstaltungsdaten: 22. Mai / 17:00 / 2 Std. / Track A / Raum 3B / englisch
Abstract: I intend to write a 5-10 page paper elucidating how economics can transform via the open source development method. I will discuss the modified definition of Open Source as it relates to economics, talk about properties of such a system, and will refer to a project that I am starting Locally, OpenHouse, as a practical example of the concepts that I am exploring.