Vortrag: free/open source software community and counter-globalisation movement
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Veranstaltungsdaten: 23. Mai / 10:00 / 2 Std. / Track A / Raum 3B / englisch
ReferentIn(nen): George Dafermos
Abstract: The main thesis and argument of the paper is clearly presented, and one can easily follow my train of thought. Most of the anti-globalisation fury is aimed at corporate entities, and in my opinion, the organisation/development model of free software projects, and the way the projects interface with commercial entities unveils a bew face of co-operation which is immanent to labour, and represents a fresh antitode to the suffocating blanket of pessimism.

In more detail, the F/OSS community counters the global pessimists on four grounds: Firstly, marketing within the community and marketing of F/OSS technologies is not coercive or corporate-engineered in any sense, instead it is of "the markets are conversations kind". Secondly, community formation, cohesion, identity and norms are of paramount importance for F/OSS development models to be fruitful and sustainable. And even though software is at the forefront of global capitalism, it hasn't altered or diminished the significance of community ethics or community development. Thirdly, as far as companies whose business and revenue model is based on F/OSS are concerned, industrial fragmentation and consolidation are avoided as a result of intra-industry sharing of information in the form of obligatory exchange of product specifications (source code)and indeed the political processes of the community dictate corporate behaviour and precede firm strategy.

The proposed presentation will focus on answering how the F/OSS community and development models counter the thesis of global pessimists and exemplify an evolving, yet truly democratic and socially-conscious, model of globalisation based on community involvement, global co-ordination and local responsiveness, proliferating forums for democratic public discourse and community action, and partnership models between developer-user communities and commercial companies with the latter 'succumbing' to the demands of the former.

Text-Langfassung: http://radio.weblogs.com/0117128/oekonux/free_software_and_radical_multitude.htm